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Municipal Web Services

The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be.
In the Utopian view of the future, Americans would wake to the morning news, drink their coffee and jet off to work in flying cars. In the real future we live in, none of those ring true. Starbucks, the internet, and hybrid cars are about as close as we have come to that dream. And the newspaper, once Dad’s favorite morning pastime, has been replaced by high speed access on his laptop at the airport. In this Utopia, the business of reaching your market will never be the same again. This time it’s better.
To us, the technology of marketing is about problem solving in its most basic form, and begins long before pen meets paper, or pixels hit plasma. Today’s journey toward company growth is an obstacle course demanding actions, reactions, and results.

Those challenges are as unique as the businesses which face them. And, despite successfully supporting tens of millions of visitors, we weren’t happy with the tools available.

So, we chose to invent our own solutions. We call them the IdeaSuite a fully integrated set of tools to grow, promote, manage, sell, report and upgrade your web-based business. It’s more than just marketing made smarter, It’s business people becoming smarter marketers.

Revamp your portal website and make it work for you with the IdeaServer Online Advertising Server Network. As a collection of tools for managing high-traffic websites and variable content, IdeaServer is the full service web portal application you've been waiting for. Your website can do it all, with the IdeaServer.


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You reap what you sow. If you have to give a little to get a little, why not give your community the online tools it needs to grow? Create interest, gain support and generate revenue for your area with event calendars, shopping guides, maps, coupons and promotional programs, all accessible online anytime, anywhere. Reach out to your neighbors. After all, a little encouragement goes a long way.

    IdeaServer is a top-of-class Portal Web Solution. Designed to meet the needs of communities large and small, IdeaServer has all the features requested by social networkers, directories and regional marketing associations.  At the heart of every installation is a Website Content Management System (CMS) hat empowers non-technical persons, from multiple departments and locations, to easily build, manage and promote dynamic,interactive Community Web sites.

    Departmental Control
    IdeaServer empowers designated individuals in each Portal department to manage their own section of the Portal site, and provides tools specific to theirneeds.

    • Mayor & Council can announce meetings, distribute agendas & minutes, explain future initiatives and receive public input.
    • Public Works can announce road closures, work schedules,water restrictions, etc.
    • Administration can publish important Portal documents,bylaws, licenses, permits, financial plans & statements,progress reports on Capital Projects, Tenders and RFP's,etc. Speed up Portal services by providing downloadable applications & forms.
    • Parks & Recreation can promote upcoming community events, adult education, recreation, parks programs, arena and swimming pool usage.
    • Also included are Web tools for Fire, Police and Emergency Services
    IdeaServer also includes a multi-purpose Private Intranet and a complete Contact Management & Portal Communication System.
    • A private Web-based Intranet connects mayor & council,Portal departments and employees.
    • Assign user names and passwords to councilors, managers,employees and associates. Then, choose what information they will see when they log in. Publish entire sections of the Website or individual pages that are viewable onlyby certain individuals or groups.
    • Communicate seamlessly with staff, clients and associates via a private messaging system or regular e-mail. Send private messages to one or many individuals.
    • Share internal documents, information and training materials,file timesheets and expense claims.
    • Enjoy instant communications while eliminating inter-department mailing or delivery costs.
    • Distribute economic development information.
    • Post videos that showcase your community and encourages business investment.
    • Promote local business with a searchable and comprehensiveon-line Business Services Directory.
    • Create and send e-mail to all or individual businessesaccording to programmable and selectable criteria. I.e.:business type, product & services, location etc.
    • Allow Tourism Department staff or staff at your Visitor InfoCenter private and secure access to manage their own tourism section of your Portal web site.
    • Distribute visitor information in (.pdf) or (.doc) format.
    • Photo Gallery features images of your Portal and surrounding region.
    • Video Gallery features web-videos of your Portal and surrounding region.
    • Distribute downloadable Area Maps and Visitor Guides.
    • Opt-in Newsletter allows web visitors to subscribe to an e-mail newsletter program.
    • Auto or manual handling of requests for information.
    • Promote local tourism opportunities with a searchable on-line Tourism Services Directory.
    • Give each business a self-managed free or paid listing.
    • Create and send e-mail to all or individual tourism operators according to programmable and selectable criteria.I.e.: business type, product & services, location etc.
    • Support community clubs, service groups, organizations and sports associations. Give each group secure remote access to manage it's own section of your community website.
    • Events Scheduler advertises upcoming Portal wide events.

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What makes iWatch different? It’s very simple: iWatch™ is a complete suite of services designed to replace old school, low-tech systems with no integration to CAD, dispatch, reverse 911, video monitoring or social networking tools.

Think about how old word processing programs evolved to become Microsoft Office Suite and how televisions have become home entertainment centers with satellite and internet connections. iWatch™ is that evolution.

Press conferences, press releases, public statements, and tips issued through the news media are still powerful tools – but they are not sufficient in today’s interconnected, Internet enabled world.
iWatch™ is a 21st century community policing suite, or “Community Policing 2.0,” as it’s been called.
The system is simple and elegant. Far more than “just a form,” the mobile app allows users to submit text only tips, free form tips with images and videos, or voice tips. All tips, regardless of the source, are 100% anonymous. Users can submit both new tips and tips that are related to prior offenses.

The law enforcement only dashboard uses powerful, built-in geo fences to show where, when and to which agency, division or department a tip is assigned. Officers can subsequently respond to tipsters in a real-time, anonymous two-way text chat using any of 32 languages.

The strength of the iWatch system lies not only the ability of citizens to report suspicious activity via SMS text (along with images, video attachments and geolocation information), but also in the power of the iWatch web interface.

iWatch allows any authorized agency member to measure and evaluate the exigency of a tip and electronically transfer the tip, along with additional investigative information, either to other agency members or to external law enforcement and other partner organizations. iWatch leverages the two-way real time dialogue common in social networking platforms along with the technology infrastructure and platforms that are already used by agencies and their personnel, e.g. mobile phones, PDAs, computers and other web-enabled devices.
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Community Policing

Case Study Update
Great Free Powerpoints you can use in your iWatch Program. Simply visit this link and look for iWatch Powerpoint

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The Company

Founded by Dan Elliott, the company began developing software in 2003.
Success came early with awards for design for websites, mar-
keting and package design. But sadly years later, crime came calling on the family. Taking first his brother's fiancee in an unsolved murder. Then, Daniel became the victim of an armed assault. iThinQware and the iWatch products are his way to protect others from the same fate.

First Place Robinson McGladrey Award Website Design 2001 (Praterindustries.com),

First Place Print Design Packaging Digest 2002 (Frain Industries), First Place GDUSA Award Website Print Design 2003 (inteloquence.com),

First Place GDUSA Award Print Design 2004 (Meyer Inc.), Distinguished Service Award NAA Website Design 2006

First Place Axiem Award Web Design 2004 , First Place Axiem Award Website Design 2005 (authflorence.com)

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