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iPredict Crime Intelligence Dashboard

iPredict™ is the Crimetip Dashboard for the iWatch product suite.

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As resource allocation continues to be an essential part of overall operations and investigation. iWatch has evolved to support and expand upon that requirement in the iPredict Crime Intelligence Dashboard.

The system is so advanced it is simple.

Upon receipt of a tip, it is displayed in a single page alert screen and announced with an alert sound. The monitor shows the arrival of the time of the tip, the crime category and displays it in a list of red flagged alerts for other tips related to that department

In two clicks the administrator can update the tip status from emergency to non-emergency. By making a swift assessment of the tip by reviewing the display of the content of the tip and/or any images or video that may be attached, the administrator has “pushed” the tip to crime intel or other resources.

They in turn receive a text message, an email or see the alert on their iPredict dashboard in seconds after the assignment.

That same dashboard permits the officer to see the location of the tip, any related offenses or offenders/parollees. They can link that tip to others by marking them for comparison, and can view, compare and analyze those tips and forward the comparison to others as a “briefing book” in PDF or CSV formats.

Data from any source may be integrated to the dashboard, and displayed as a mapped datalayer along with tips or offense in a searchable, storable query for on-going or scheduled display of the found result.

Map and analyze tips, offenses, census data, infrastructure, power-grid, SORNA, Tdex, NCIC, CAD, or other in single or multiple overlays.

iPredict provides a map based interface to permit the administrator to view tips based upon location and to assign the tip either to the Admin agency, or to another agency partner.

iPredict provides a mapping of tips based upon individual and to see the status of tips assigned to that individual and the disposition of tips (active, under investigation, closed by arrest, closed by other, need more information, already known, unverified, unfounded, nuisance, other)

iPredict permits those tips to be displayed both by agency, and by user/agency or both.

Tips received may be mapped against offenses to create comparisons, briefing books, and other analytic tools.

iPredict may be used to generate heat-maps of offenses by location based upon zoom level and subsequently compare to tips for assignment of resources.

iPredict permits searching and diplaying tips and offenses in a map based metaphor with graphical representation of trends, of crime types and crime statistics and the display of heat maps based upon found records to aid in determining the assignment of patrol to searched locations (when do we patrol where for what based upon history of information)

IPredict reports may then be stored for future use, based upon prior inquiry and sent as preformatted emails in PDF or CSV for use by individuals or groups.

iPredict also displays this data in a matrix of time, crime density and offense types and calls for service in a defined geography from historical records permitting the admin to make a predictive forecast of resources needed and the assignment of those resources in that region for future patrols.

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iWatch is an application that directly supports a Department's Strategic Vision by providing a secure environment that facilitates increased collaboration, coordination and communication both within the agency as well as with external and international partners.

As a proven source of near-real time, decision-quality information, iWatch modernizes the traditional investigation, pursuit, capture and prosecution process without adding to existing workflows or impacting law enforcement standards.

iWatch's information sharing capabilities use the power of highly trained agency assets along with the ubiquitous presence of the civilian population to promote operational readiness, protect communities and installations against potential terrorist threats and criminal activity, dramatically increase incident response time, and ultimately reduce crime.

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