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iWatch In The News

Read how iWatch has been a big part of many cities' community outreach, and see how iThinQware has worked with those cities to promote it through the media.

Each link will popup the article from the Newspaper, Website, Magazine, or Television report. Make your selection below.

Laredo, Texas ~ April 23th, 2015

Dallas, Texas ~ February 14th, 2015

Dallas, Texas ~ January 26th, 2015

Dallas, Texas ~ January 18th, 2015

Houston, Texas ~ December 18th, 2014

Houston, Texas ~ October 23rd, 2014

Houston, Texas ~ October 17th, 2014

Houston, Texas ~ October 6th, 2014

Houston, Texas ~ Sept 26th, 2014

Dallas, Texas ~ Sept 26th, 2014

Houston, Texas ~ September 17th, 2014

Dallas, Texas ~ Sept 4th, 2014

Houston, Texas ~ August 13th, 2014

Austin, Texas ~ May 13th, 2014

Stratford Connecticut ~ April 21th, 2014

CNN Coverage ~ April 17th, 2014

Harris Deputies arrest entire family ~ January 15th, 2014

Howard police unveil new smartphone app for crime tips ~ January 2nd, 2014

Atlanta suburb tells students' it's OK to use smartphones at school ~ November 19th, 2013

Texas Largest School District Selects iWatch as it's Technology Partner ~ October 28th, 2013

IWatch Subject of Frost & Sullivan "Smartphones and Citizens Improving Situational Awareness ~ October 25th, 2013

IWatch Helps Police Put the Brakes on ‘Trick Riders’ ~ September 19th, 2013

279 Schools Partner with Sheriff to Put iWatch In Student's Phones ~ September 11th, 2013

iWatch Predictive Policing Released, PD's immediately see savings ~ August 25th, 2013

Policing Gets Proactive with Mentor PD and IWatch~ August 13th, 2013

Open Positions ~ August 10th, 2013

iWATCH Expands to Mexico ~ July 15th, 2013

iWATCH Stratford Now In Use In Connecticut ~ July 13th, 2013


iWatch Tip Leads to Triple Narcotics Arrests ~ June 12th, 2013

Brevard County Florida Crime Prevention Task Force Selects iWatchBrevard ~ June 9th, 2013

Open Positions ~ Business Development Manager ~ June 5th, 2013

Open Positions ~ Web Production and Design ~ June 4th, 2013

iWatch Core of Crime Prevention Task Force ~ May 23rd, 2013

Open Positions ~ Linux Systems Administrator ~ June 3rd, 2013

iWatch Tip Arrests Two Guys Growing $2.5 Million Worth of Weed: 35 Gang Members ~ May 14th, 2013

iWatchNEOhio Launched ~ North East Regional Fusion Center drives focus ~ May 9th, 2013

Tip via mobile app busts $2M pot operation ~ April 24th, 2013

Dekalb Illinois Police Launch iWatch Dekalb ~ April 15th, 2013

Lone Star Stabbing Case Gets Tips From iWatch ~ April 9th, 2013

In Defense of the Classroom ~ February 21nd, 2013

Newark NJ Looks to IWatch To Solve Crimes ~ February 14nd, 2013

Harris County Shooting Puts iWatch In the News ~ February 2nd, 2013

iWatch Earns ASPCA Grant for iWatchOhio App ~ January 19th, 2013

Cleveland Rapid Transit Chooses iWatch For Rider Safety ~ January 7th, 2013

NEWS: Could NRA Mean, Neighborhoods Reach for the APP? ~ January 4th, 2013

WIRED MAGAZINE: Virginia Town Releases Crime-Fighting App ~ December 26th, 2012

Marion, Virginia’s vigilante is an app! ~ December 26th, 2012

Stop Snitchin' Seminar ~ Conference Explores the Stop Snitching Phenomenon ~ November 20th, 2012

iWatchJennings ~ Smartphone App Helping to Fight Crime in Jennings ~ October 15th, 2012

iWatchArmy ~ Redstone Arsenal Selects iWatch ~ iPhone & Android Now in Stores ~ August 7th, 2012

iWatchSouthSuburban Illinois College Rolls iWatch for Campus Safety ~ iWatch Part of Overall Safety Initiative. ~ August 1th, 2012

Houston Public Radio ~ Adrian Garcia Interview~ July 20, 2012

DeRidder PD launches phone app to report crime ~ June 30, 2012

School board backs iWatch app for students ~ May 31, 2012

Murder has a Watcher, An IWatcher App ~ May 15, 2012

Lynwood enters ‘new age’ for community policing ~ May 13, 2012

Lynwood Illinois Goes Hi-Tech with iWatch ~ May 4, 2012

Republican American News ~ May 2, 2012

Fox 21, Duluth, MN ~ Police Launch iWatchDuluth ~ April 19, 2012

Fox 4, Dallas ~ iWatch Interview April 14, 2012

Philadelphia Real Time Crime Center Releases iWatchPhiladelphia.com

CBS Philadelphia ~ iWatch Interview April 6, 2012

CNN Erin Burnett/Miguel Marquez ~ iWatch Review March 15, 2012

PublicSafety IT Magazine Feature Article ~ Jan-Feb Edition 2012

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