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Philly Borough Extends the iWatch Program to Western Suburbs

Colwyn Police Department announces the release of its new iWatch program, the latest software tool created by CloseWatch, Inc. that allows citizens and law enforcement to join together in the fight against crime. 

iWatch puts crime tipping and crime reporting into the palm of your hand, allowing individuals to get crime information and submit crime tips to law enforcement on their cell phones or PDAs. was established to raise crime and drug awareness and prevention, generate public support for local crime fighting efforts and deepen the relationship between law enforcement and communities. According to Council President, Tonette Pray, “This is the first time citizens have ever been able to use their iPhones, Androids and Blackberries to communicate, in real time, with law enforcement from wherever they are right now.” 

Because iWatch uses global positioning technology, the system intelligently forwards information to Colwyn Police Department based on where the handheld device is physically located at any given moment. With the click of a button, an individual can submit an anonymous text tip, an email, or a detailed form as they travel from street to street and from neighborhood to neighborhood in real time. If an individual has information, photos or videos relating to a reported crime, they can send it to law enforcement just as easily from their handheld device or from their pc. 

By simply clicking on the iWatch Colwyn Police Department app icon on their phone, a citizen or visitor can submit a tip. The mobile app allows individuals to report on crimes they have seen or as they happen. The system allows the user to upload text messages, static images or live video for review by law enforcement, including pictures of gang tags so that law enforcement can track and manage gang activity. 

Tippers can either provide information anonymously or disclose their own identity.  “iWatch puts incredible power back in the hands of the public to help stop crime,” continues Tonette Pray .  “Now Colwyn Police Department watch groups, neighborhoods and individuals have a way to actually assist in crime solving by providing information directly to law enforcement, whether it’s after the fact or even if it’s happening right now.”

iWatch is available to Law Enforcement only and is a social network application where other Law Enforcement Agencies may view, share, forward and comment with other professionals. Homeland security and anti-gang initiatives are also enhanced by enabling the public to act as the “silent eyes” of law enforcement on a street by street basis using cell phone cameras and videos, digital cameras and email to build comprehensive maps of suspicious activity or gang-related incidents.

Colwyn Police Department will be also be able to provide an iWatch feed to television, radio and print media to publish information that helps Police get feedback from anyone who may have knowledge they are willing to share on important cases.

iWatch is now in version 7.5 and is a part of a software suite for crime reporting and crime mapping created by CloseWatch Technologies launched in Dallas, Tx in October 2010.  The success of iWatch in the city of Dallas—with more than 936 thousand links, over 109,000 visitors and some 8,000 registered users since its launch—has also generated interest for use by other organizations that work closely with law enforcement. 

“The Borough of Colwyn and its Police Department are looking forward to a successful working relationship with CloseWatch Technologies and our community. Please join us on Thursday afternoon at Colwyn Borough Hall.”

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