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Sheriff's Offices

The county may be unincorporated, but Sheriff's are far from unsophisticated.

Law enforcement agencies and crime awareness advocates all over the globe agree that increased awareness of one's surroundings can help prevent individuals from potentially becoming crime victims.

iThinQware is a software development company dedicated to better educating Americans by delivering reliable communications tools that help law enforcement agencies empower, inform, educate, motivate and interact with the community at large. With a mix of closed, open and combination data warehouses, the company�s products allow law enforcement to deliver information to the right audiences, in the right format, via the right communications method. To illustrate, consider how reports on a single common crime � the burglary of a residence � would be handled by:

A secure, closed communications module available only to law enforcement displays all available information about the crime, the suspect and the victim from forensic data to witness statements. Defined groups (investigating officers, patrol officers in a defined area, supervisors, etc.) can receive alerts when new information is added to the case file and investigators can set up discussion groups or email lists to pool information, theories and thoughts on the crime. An open communications module managed by law enforcement displays selected information to the general public.

The date, location and general description of the burglary would be publicly available within moments via the Sheriff's office website.
Interested members of the general public who had signed up to receive alerts about a specific kind of crime, offenses in a particular zip code, or crimes against a particular type of victim (crimes against the elderly, crimes against children, hate crimes, etc.) would be notified of the offense in near real time via the alerting method (SMS text message, email, or RSS feed) they selected.

Citizens can then respond to the alert by sending relevant tips, photos, videos and other information directly to the police.

Image shows mapping of tips,grouped by number and classified by offense type.

This combination of public and private communications with automatic sorting, segregation and delivery of information by audience and information type is extremely powerful and has not been available to law enforcement in the past except with costly customized systems that took months to build and deploy. iThinQware�s solution is cost-effective enough to fall within the discretionary spending limits in most agencies (meaning that no RFP or bid process is required) and powerful enough to meet and exceed expectations and needs in multiple departments within the agency.

By delivering tested, standards-compliant, state-of-market products within the discretionary budget parameters, we are able to offer affordable, grant approved solutions to the real public communications problems faced by our target market. Each iThinQware product is uniquely suited to its target market, including full compliance with industry standards such as those established by the Law Enforcement Information Technology Standards Council (LEITSC) .

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