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The simple answer to the above question is yes. Most of your customers have a mobile phone, right? If you want to control how your brand appears in there, you must take action. There are several reasons. Of course the layout adaption to all mobile phone models is an important aspect, but it is equally important to offer a user friendly mobile site that is fast and inexpensive to load. The most important aspect however is the content and how it is presented. And, with over 5000 different handsets and 8 different operating systems, you need iThinQware to be your partner.
Your web site is your Supermarket, and your mobile site is your 7-Eleven
The most important and most sustainable reason for maintaining a mobile web site is that it plays a different role in your communication than does the traditional web. According to Nielsen Net Ratings the average Internet session lasted for 56 minutes. The average mobile surf session is less than five minutes. The mobile surfer is seldom just ‘surfing around’, he has a specific goal with his visit; to find a piece of information, to download a mobile service, or maybe visit his favorite brand.   

Smartphones are the Fastest Growing Segment of Ecommerce Today.

The mobile web site must cut to the chase, and must only present content that is relevant for the mobile surfer. Part of that content may be the same as for the web, but parts are mobile specific. The contents must also be presented in the right order for a mobile surfer. Information that is on level three in an Internet web tree, may be on level one in the mobile.
We see the Internet site much like a supermarket. There are many different ways to go from the entry to the cashier, and the range of goods is wide. There are several brands of shampoo, and they come in different types, prices and sizes. The mobile site on the other hand, is like a 7-Eleven. There is pretty much only one way between entry and exit, and most choices are already made for you. And there is often only one shampoo brand.
Show the right stuff in the right order
Another reason for having a mobile web site is that the content presentation itself should be mobile adapted. We believe in a less-is-more design philosophy for mobile web sites. Single out the three most important reasons to visit your mobile site, and make them visible at entry, without any down-scrolling. A small screen does not mean design is not important, on the contrary interaction and graphic design for mobile is the ultimate test for a designer.
Also, a good mobile site requires no side-scrolling, and hence it is always read top-down, as opposed to Internet sites where eye-movement studies show that the eye moves freely over the screen. This should dictate the mobile layout. Some texts may be the same as for the Internet, but again a mobile surf session is short, so distilled shorter texts are often better. See them as a teaser, for those who want to read more can later sit down by their computer and read the long version.
Images may also need to be mobile specific. We are not talking about the image sizes - that is a technical issue - but image motives.

What Works Well on a PC Does Not Necessarily Look Good on a Phone.

The problem is that consumers will be looking for your brand in their mobile, regardless if you have a mobile web site or not. In the best case it looks awful, and the customer has a flat fee data plan so he doesn’t have to pay a lot to load the site. Worst case, your brand is perceived as disregarding its customers.
What does this mean? You should adapt your web site for these phones. Hundreds of phones of different brands and models. This requires a phone recognition software, which automatically creates the mobile web site layout and contents depending on which phone the visitor has.

What if we still do not want a mobile web site?

The important thing is to know what you are saying no to. If your customer opens your web site in a mobile browser he gets the wrong content, presented in the wrong order, with a slow and costly download, and with an unadapted layout. In a world where most everyone owns a mobile phone and brand perception and brand liking is everything, this could be a problem.

We've developed hundreds of sites, and served millions of users over the past 14 years. Trust iThinQware to guide your business with a steady experienced hand, regardless of "handset".

What makes iWatch different? It’s very simple: iWatch™ is a complete suite of services designed to replace old school, low-tech systems with no integration to CAD, dispatch, reverse 911, video monitoring or social networking tools.

Think about how old word processing programs evolved to become Microsoft Office Suite and how televisions have become home entertainment centers with satellite and internet connections. iWatch™ is that evolution.

Press conferences, press releases, public statements, and tips issued through the news media are still powerful tools – but they are not sufficient in today’s interconnected, Internet enabled world.
iWatch™ is a 21st century community policing suite, or “Community Policing 2.0,” as it’s been called.
The system is simple and elegant. Far more than “just a form,” the mobile app allows users to submit text only tips, free form tips with images and videos, or voice tips. All tips, regardless of the source, are 100% anonymous. Users can submit both new tips and tips that are related to prior offenses.

The law enforcement only dashboard uses powerful, built-in geo fences to show where, when and to which agency, division or department a tip is assigned. Officers can subsequently respond to tipsters in a real-time, anonymous two-way text chat using any of 32 languages.

The strength of the iWatch system lies not only the ability of citizens to report suspicious activity via SMS text (along with images, video attachments and geolocation information), but also in the power of the iWatch web interface.

iWatch allows any authorized agency member to measure and evaluate the exigency of a tip and electronically transfer the tip, along with additional investigative information, either to other agency members or to external law enforcement and other partner organizations. iWatch leverages the two-way real time dialogue common in social networking platforms along with the technology infrastructure and platforms that are already used by agencies and their personnel, e.g. mobile phones, PDAs, computers and other web-enabled devices.
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Great Free Powerpoints you can use in your iWatch Program. Simply visit this link and look for iWatch Powerpoint

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