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iWatch Mobile Applications

Introducing iWatch, putting crime tipping and suspicious activity reporting on Mobile phones.

The number of smartphones users is growing faster than any segment of communications ever imagined.

Technology has created a digitally connected America that is changing everything. It's a channel for Policing that has never before existed, and, until iWatch™, was unreachable and unknown. iWatch™ Mobile is all the public needs to join Law Enforcement in fighting crime. Regardless of handset, carrier or language, anyone can use iWatch™.

The public can submit tips anonymously, or with full disclosure. Add images or video to a tip from almost any smartphone or any PC. The Admin can reject or accept the tip and forward it to a specific officer for follow-up. Once accepted they can send both the tip & the images or video to an alerting group for investigation in less than 4 clicks.

What makes iWatch™ different? It's very simple: iWatch™ is a complete suite of services that can replace old school, low-tech systems that don't integrate to CAD, dispatch, provide reverse 911, offer video monitoring or social networking tools.
Instead of multiple systems, each with a separate cost, it's own app, or tip line or dashboard, iWatch pulls it all together seamlessly into a easy to use, but massively powerful networked application.

Think about how old word processing programs evolved to become Microsoft Office Suite and how televisions have become home entertainment centers with satellite and internet connections. iWatch™ is that evolution.

With iWatch™, law enforcement can link information (rewards, tip lines, video, photos, sketches, etc.) with offense reports, and publish alerts, warnings, maps, and other information to selected audiences (other agencies, specific law enforcement officers, the general public, news media, and Crime Watch associations or other groups).

iWatch™ tips may be new, or received as tips from prior offenses by clicking on the offense in a map. Mapping the tips permits forwarding of the tip to the appropriate agency, precinct or investigative resource. In the backend, the dashboard console makes it simple to approve and publish information for investigation or dispatch. iWatch™ permits information (rewards, tip lines, video, photos, sketches, etc.) to be linked with offense reports.

The iWatch Suite of Applications from iThinQware has been developed to fulfill the technological challenges of Community Policing in today's always on, always connected world. Regardless of handset, carrier or language, iWatch gives Law Enforcement the most cost efficient means of gaining Human Intelligence.With smartphones now used by 40% of the population, the mobile handset and the dashboard in iWatch lets you gain that contact with the community, get the information you need, and assign the resources as efficiently as possible.

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All tips, regardless of the source, are 100% anonymous. Users can submit both new tips and tips that are related to prior offenses. The law enforcement only dashboard uses powerful, built-in geo fences to show where, when and to which agency, division or department a tip is assigned. Officers can subsequently respond to tipsters in a real-time, anonymous two-way text chat using any of 32 languages.

Press conferences, press releases, public statements, and tips issued through the news media are still powerful tools – but they are not sufficient in today's interconnected, Internet enabled world. iWatch™ is a 21st century community policing suite, or "Community Policing 2.0," as it's been called. The system is simple and elegant. Far more than "just a form," the mobile app allows users to submit text only tips, free form tips with images and videos, or voice tips.

"We decided that the only thing missing in the 'See Something, Say Something' program was the mobile phone in the palm of your hand. Until we invented the iWatch™ application, no citizen could say something with enough immediacy or with the precise detail that a Fusion center or could fully benefit from having," said Dan Elliott. "We made it work where no other application could, and the proof is in the tips".

Cities everywhere are being increasingly challenged by the need to send immediate notifications to citizens.

iTAG is a powerful solution to this growing problem. As an extension of the iWatch™ Suite of Mobile applications, iTAG is a low-cost, high-impact toolset allowing citizens to receive alerts as text, emails, with simple formatting, html, images and video. Public Users may subscribe, or professionals may be be "invited" to single groups or multiple task forces. Users are then mapped and displayed in a searchable database deliverable to handsets or websites for the public, departmental or interagency sharing and collaboration. You control the message, you control the categorie of the message, you control the delivery of the message and who is authorized to receive it.

iWatch Features With iPredict Dashboard

Browse Jobs Smartphone apps are free
downloads from the app-store
View Jobs Track tips by user, offense, reporting area and more.
Search Agent Reports received may be auto-responded or live response (ie: Dispatch or CID).
Manage Saved Jobs Search multiple variable
(date, offense, keyword, UCR).
Featured Employers The Dashboard can integrate to CAD to display offense, and can send tip content back to CAD for Dispatch
Post Resume Receive tips from email, online forms or SMS.
Help Tips may be text, voice, image or video.
Help Reports may be programmed for auto delivery to Command staff and may be in CSV, RSS or PDF formats.
Help Complies with GJXML, NIEM and LEXS standards.
Help Scalable to connect multiple jurisdictions, to share locally, regionally or statewide.
Help Platform based architecture meets local, state & federal legal & privacy mandates
Browse Jobs Tips are received as email, voice or SMS but are also stored in iWatch.
View Jobs Tips are mapped on Google maps, and displayed with the text of the report.
Search Agent Tips are searchable based upon offense number, date range, keywords in text, suspect profile, vehicle, ip address or location.
Manage Saved Jobs Search multiple variable
(date, offense, keyword, UCR).
Featured Employers Share data as text, RSS, web video, email
Post Resume Unique identifier for tip receipt permits the tip to be associated with current offenses or with new tips not related to prior offenses
Help Tips may be mapped by identifying the Geocode of the phone when sending the message.
Help Alerting Groups or Task Force Teams may be alerted automatically.
Help Alerts may include links to Crime Maps,
which can generate crime tips.
Help Citizens may sign up for alerts on the phone, and in email (reverse 911 system)
Help The app integrates to Facebook and Youtube to display content and alert the public.

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